Iwan Fals

Iwan Fals whose original name was Virgiawan Listanto an Indonesian living legend.

Through his songs, he photographed life and socio-culture in the late 1970s until now. Criticism of the behavior of a group of people (such as Representatives, Aunt Lisa), empathy for marginalized groups (eg Siang Seberang Istana, Lonteku), or a major disaster that hit Indonesia (or sometimes outside Indonesia, such as Ethiopia) dominate theme songs he brought. Iwan Fals not just sing songs but also some other creator.

Iwan who also was active in sports activities, have earned a Runner Up National Karate, Karate Champion National Level IV 1989, had entered Pelatnas and karate training at the campus, STP (High School Publication). Jasmine also had a column in a tabloid sports.

Charisma of a very large Iwan Fals. He was adored by the 'grass roots'. Modeling simplicity fans spread throughout the archipelago. The Changcuters fans even built a foundation on August 16, 1999 that called Yayasan Orang Indonesia, or commonly known as Oi appeal. The foundation accommodate activities Iwan Fals fans. Until now Oi branches can be found any around the country and some even to foreign countries.

Travel Life
Iwan Fals childhood was spent in Bandung, then joined his brother in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia for 8 months. More honed musical talents when he was 13 years old, in which Jasmine spent much of her time singing in Bandung. Playing guitar since I was young did he even singing bergitar ability to train and create songs. While in junior high, Iwan guitarist dalama school choir.

Next, came an invitation to try his luck in Jakarta from a producer. He then sold his motorcycle to the cost of making the master. Iwan's first album with his colleagues, Toto Gunarto, Helmi, Bambang Bule incorporated in Amburadul. But the album failed in the market and re Jasmine profession as a singer.

Once you can champion the country music festival, music festival Iwan joined humor. Arwah Setiawan (deceased), humorous songs could be recorded Iwan's with Pepeng, Krishna, Nana Krip and produced by ABC Records. But it also failed and only consumed by certain circles. To that end, the trip worked with Iwan Musica Studio. Prior to Musica, Iwan was recorded about 4-5 albums. In Musica, then the songs worked on more serious Iwan. Bachelor album, for example, the music is handled by Willy Soemantri.

Iwan still undergoing his profession as a singer. He was singing with a go house to house, sometimes in the Market Surprised or Block M. Bachelor album was much in demand and Jasmine began to get many offers to sing. Then got into television after 1987. Arbitrary event broadcast time in TVRI Commercial Press, the song Kung Bakri had served on TVRI. As the second son Iwan, roots born in 1985, was immediately stopped singing activities.

During the New Order, many Iwan concert schedule and canceled prohibited by government officials, because the lyrics of the song is critical.

We joined the Swami and Swami titled album released in 1989, the name of Iwan more hits skyrocketed by printing and Pack Bento very phenomenal. Iwan Fals career continued to climb when he joined the Cantatas Takwa in 1990 that fully supported by businessmen Setiawan Djodi. Cantatas concerts Takwa then until now regarded as the biggest music concerts and grandest in the history of Indonesian music.